State Qualifiers

In order to participate in the annual Florida Youth Running Association (FLYRA) State Tournament you must qualify as a TEAM by finishing in the Top 30% of scored teams based on Final Results in a Qualifying meet OR as an INDIVIDUAL by finishing in the Top 10% of total finishers based on final results in a qualifying 3k meet.  

State Qualifying Teams

YearTeam Team Members
2023Boys XC (3K)Wyatt Lagasse, Jarrett Ahrens, Hawthorne Murphy-Phillips, Nicky Cahill, Christopher Dubrawski, Taj Dubrawski, Caine Verra
2022Boys XC (3K) Ryan Pavigla, Anderson Sears, Akhil Nayak, Nicky Cahill, Jarrett Ahrens, David Fisher, Noah Hilton

State Qualifying Individuals

2023 XCBoys XC (3K) Wyatt Lagasse
2023 XCGirls XC (3K)Katherine Eudaly, Madie Muller
2022 XCBoys XC (3K) Ryan Pavliga, Anderson Sears
2022 TrackGirls Track (1500m)
Boys Track (1500m)
Katherine Eudaly
Trey Fisher
2021 TrackGirls Track (1500m)
Boys Track (1500m)
Reid Taggart
Reese Lewis
2020 XCGirls XC (3K)Reid Taggart
2019 XCGirls XC (3K)
Boys XC (3K)
Reid Taggart, Anderson Rubin
Roman Montero, William Eudaly
2019 TrackGirls Track (3000m)
Boys Track (3000m)
Madeleine Gear
Andrew Fredericks
2018 XCBoys XC (3K)Andrew Fredericks, William Eudaly, Roman Montero
2018 TrackGirls Track (1500m)
Boys Track (3000m)
Arlie Rubin, Mary Ellen Eudaly, Penelope Markowski
Ashton Stringer
2017 XCGirls XC (3K)
Boys XC (3K)
Arlie Rubin, Mary Ellen Eudaly, Madeleine Gear, Penelope Markowski
Ashton Stringer, Ashton Buchanan
2017 TrackGirls Track (1500m)
Boys Track (1500m)
Boys Track (800m)
Arlie Rubin, Madeleine Gear
Wynne Thomas, Will Connery
Ryan Maney